Super Grip Wheel Track on a Komatsu Machine

Breaking-in Your Tracks

When tracks are new, they will quickly slacken off over the first few days of use and will require retensioning.

Retensioning involves the replacement of long track links with short track links and then the removal of one full track plate in order to maintain correct tension.

This process should be done using the Clark Tensioner Tool as described in our fitting instructions.

This slackening of new tracks is not any form of material stretching, but simply a bedding in process of the many components in the track link system.

It can be expected to retension tracks frequently for the first week of work, with this task becoming less frequent as the tracks bed in. It is also expected to have to remove one complete track plate within the first three or four weeks of work and perhaps a second track plate after three to six months of work.

The amount of wear experienced by the track link system over it's working life is dependent upon the abrasiveness of the ground conditions together with the load and tension experienced by the tracks. (Overtensioned tracks will wear more quickly).

After the initial bedding in process, retensioning will become less frequently required.