Tire Suitability

Almost every tire can be fitted with tracks, some are more suitable than others.

  • Tires should be designed for use with tracks

  • The ideal tire has a smooth, less aggressive tread pattern, with slightly rounded shoulders

  • The tire should have steel reinforcement within the carcass and be of heavy ply rating

  • The tire must be fitted to the correct steel reinforced wheel rim for forestry use

  • The tire must be fitted with the correct recommended inner tube, where applicable.

  • Radial tires are generally unsuitable for tracks, the notable exception being the NOKIAN Forest Rider range of tires

  • Some tire rubber compounds are not suited to steel tracks - if in doubt, please consult the tire manufacturer

  • Tracks can only be fitted to machines with fixed wheel centre bogeys

  • Tracks cannot be fitted to machines with independent wheel suspension as found on some models of dump trucks.